Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Wake-Up Call

A couple of weeks ago, I awoke to the sound of a ringing phone. "Hello?" I murmured sleepily.

"Where are you?" It was a man's voice; I couldn't tell whose. "You're late!"

What had happened to my alarm clock? I opened my eyes. Wait, where was my phone? Not in my bed, or on my nightstand. I staggered to my desk. No calls had come in. Like that infamous episode of Dallas, it was all a dream.

So that panicked wake-up call had come from, well, me. And what did it mean?

I've known for a while now that 2011 would be a year of major transitions in my work life and personal life, and the rude awakening was, I think, my way of reminding myself that I needed to take action.

Part of that action is a major writing project, which this blog will be evolving into, meaning I'll be posting here much more frequently.

The other is remembering, every day, these guidelines for constructive living from David Reynolds:
  • Pay attention.
  • Know your purpose.
  • Do what needs to be done.
(Sounds easy, but isn't. Want to learn more? Visit the ToDo Institute.)

Here's to a happy, and awakened, new year.


  1. Naikan Mom9:39 PM

    I was just was checking on this blog the other day and wondering where you were. So now I know that you're back.....welcome! I look forward to reading more.
    *Know Your Purpose........is
    *Accept Your Feelings.....then...
    *Do what need to be Done

    Thanks for the link to theToDo Institute!

  2. Duly noted. Feelings accepted.

    I apparently thought I knew the quotation so well I didn't actually "pay attention" to it!