Sunday, January 09, 2011

Taking It From The Top

As longtime readers know, this blog has for some time been the repository of notes towards a memoir. But a memoir, like a life, should have some structure, even if, like a life, that structure only becomes apparent once one is well into it. And narratives that have worked for others didn't feel right to me.

I have written five books to date, four of them non-fiction works that were essentially very long articles, and one a book of poems. And while I'd like to novelize some day, stories are my only fiction so far. The short form is clearly my métier.

So why not write a string of essays that tells my story from head to toe, like where my ears have led me and what's been on my feet as I turn new corners? The naughty bits will get their due, too.

You won't be reading full-fledged essays here, but I'll be working out bits a few times a week for your amusement and my own. My first post along these lines will be about hats, and I'll work my way down.

So join me, won't you? If you don't want to miss a single aperçu, follow me. And if you're already an @glamourbrain follower, get to know me in prose.

It's going to be a fantastic voyage.

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