Friday, October 16, 2009

The Other "C" Word

Continuing the theme of my last post: I want to say that I categorically hate the term "cougar" as applied to women over 35. For one thing, it implies that women interested in younger men must of necessity pursue them aggressively. I have not found that to be the case; in fact, the charmer 17 years my junior whose company I enjoyed for quite a while chased me. That was my biggest age gap in that direction, but come to think of it, the man 32 years my senior (the ">" record) who briefly swept me off my feet when I was 19 chased me too.

Not that I'm averse to being the chaser; I've done it many times, especially with crushes, though with mixed results. And I'm pleased that studies quoted by the Times Thursday show that more women are dating and marrying younger men - why should we limit ourselves? (My preferred range is 15 years older or younger - then you have at least some cultural references in common.)

But every time I see that "c" word, usually attached to an over-Botoxed blonde in leopard-print spandex and real estate, it conjures up a big, scary pussy. And that doesn't sound at all appealing. Or accurate.

(The Marvelettes and "Hunter Gets Captured By The Game," written by Smokey Robinson, behind footage from Blow-Up - which was based on a story by Julio Cortázar. As that noted wearer of leopard print Cindy Adams would say, who else would tell you these things?)

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  1. There are plenty of "cougars" out there and there are plenty that aren't even 35. Personally, I prefer a woman who knows what she wants and has the confidence to go out and get it.

    As a matter of fact, I leapt to marry a "Queen of the Jungle." Right after she told me to.