Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hoop Dreams

I was not an athletic or especially graceful child - the many dance classes I started then and have continued since were intended as a corrective - and I was always chosen last for kickball and other recess games. To my great shame, I was never able to do two specific things, besides that awful shimmying-up-a-rope test: cartwheels and hula-hooping.

Those who read this blog closely will recall that I previously said I wasn't interested in the latter activity; please forgive the fib, but the specific inability has haunted me. Periodically, in the decades since the first hoop I encountered clattered to the ground, I would encounter one, give it a try, and realize I still had no skills.

Well, thanks to the entertaining, pink-haired Miss Saturn, who offers a hula-hoop workshop via my new friends at the School of Burlesque, I have now fulfilled my childhood dream. I can spin a hoop for quite a long time, in opposite directions (I can even spin two at a time!), and I actually know a few tricks. I was so thrilled that I bought a large hoop, bedecked with sparkly tape, and brought it home on a crowded subway - entertaining in itself. Then I realized that I have nowhere to store it out of view (the colors don't match my black-and-white-and-red-all-over decor, though this blog does) and no single space large enough to practice in, but I always have the basement, or the park.

Next up, I think I'll try to learn to cartwheel (it looks like, if I go here, I could learn the rope-shimmy as a bonus). It's not as if I lack self-confidence, but perhaps knowing that I won't embarrass myself will make my fearful inner child shut up. (She was pretty vocal in Monday's post, but the meeting I was dreading turned out just fine.)

After that, maybe I'll learn persistence, and not just the persistence of memory. Where do you think they teach that? The School of Hard Knocks has not been all that helpful.

I saw Miss Saturn's act Saturday night at the Slipper Room, and she was spectacular. See for yourself.


  1. Wish you could bring your hoop to our gathering!

  2. I learned how to hula hoop last summer. Now when we have competitions at parties I'm always the last one standing! Try Simon Says hula hooping competitions at your next gathering. A sure crowd-pleaser. Have fun!