Friday, April 17, 2009

There Ain't No Cure For Love

I’m guessing that you, like me, know at least one woman who has had cancer. In my case, that group includes my mother and stepmother. And you’d probably like to help fund treatment and support of those with women’s cancers and research into finding a cure on behalf of all the mothers, daughters and sisters we know.

Here’s a suggestion: join me in the New York Run/Walk for Women on May 2nd, or participate in the LA Run/Walk on May 9th. It’s 5K – just 3.2 miles, starting in Times Square and going through Central Park – and couldn’t we all use a little more exercise? Find out more about it here.

I've been running in these events since they started - it's fun and easy, the park is at its most beautiful then, you get a swell goodie bag and you spot lots of famous people (if you care about that) - once I was side by side with Pierce Brosnan, who is quite handsome in person, and a fast walker.

If you aren't near either of those cities or can't get there, please consider a donation.

And if you know someone who’s gotten a cancer diagnosis and needs help figuring out what to do next, have him or her visit Third Opinion, run by a survivor and "helping professional" who’s been making a huge difference in the lives of cancer patients for many years. I’m doing this in her honor.

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