Friday, April 10, 2009

On The Avenue, Fifth Avenue

I'm not all that big on eggs, unless they're by Fabergé. As I've explained, I don't have that many. Bunnies? Delicious. The Resurrection? My people don't go for that. But the Easter Parade? Sign me up.

For one thing, it's all about hats. For another, I love walking on Fifth Avenue rather than just next to it. And finally, it means I get to post a Judy Garland video. Proving once again that, despite my lack of any kind of Y chromosome, I may really be a gay man in drag.

I love that the song was written by my fellow wandering Jew Irving Berlin, who also wrote "White Christmas." And the "Fifth Avenue" at the end? Recognizably the Warner Bros. lot, with St. Patrick's rather crudely matted in.

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