Monday, April 27, 2009

Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White

If you are anywhere within 20 miles of Central Park, there is a stand of cherry blossoms at their peak right now on the west side of the reservoir at around 86th Street, underneath which the Central Park Conservancy has thoughtfully placed a winding mulched path, and I would encourage you to get there as soon as you can.

Walking or running that path under a canopy of low branches laden with hot-pink blooms, with the reservoir shimmering nearby and the buildings of Fifth Avenue and Central Park West visible not far away is a quasi-religious experience, an exercise in appreciation of nature's bounty and humans' creativity.

Also, the sight of any big flowering tree always makes me want to linger there, kissing someone. As there were no human volunteers this morning, my canine companion had to do.

Because I no longer have a garden, I rely on Central Park for my flora. And I like to let those who tend them and the rest of the park know how thankful I am for their work. You should too - the city pays for only a small percentage of this magnificent public amenity's upkeep and improvements.

Of course, the topic made me think of the laudably cheesy mambo that gives this post its title, and in looking for it I came across this laudably cheesy pink-and-white slideshow.

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