Monday, February 02, 2009

My Huckleberry Friend Is A Banquet

I am so fickle. In just three days, I've gone from having a crush on Stephen Colbert to having a crush on a blog, namely Walking Off The Big Apple, which offers guides to carefully researched walks around my hometown with a literary sensibility and a nice eye for detail.

The author, Teri Tynes, has created such delightful prospects as a walk inspired by Holly Golightly's favorite haunts and another devoted to the perambulations of the magnificent Auntie Mame. And she is, apparently, the chair of the New York branch of La Société des Flâneurs Sans Frontières, a haven for "Anarcho-Absurdists, Revolutionary Sybarites, Alchemical Hazardistas and Urban Arcadians everywhere." Who are certainly my kind of people.

I am grateful to the Times's City Room for pointing me thence, and hope she gets the attention she deserves from those of us who are not tourists.

Life, after all, is a banquet, as Mame Dennis liked to say. And we must ensure that we don't starve to death; even overlooking the park in the world's most magnificent city, there's a difference between living and Life.

(The Flâneur's duelling card.)

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