Monday, February 09, 2009

I Saw Them Standing There

I was at the official New York Grammys party last night at the Hard Rock Cafe, which I last visited for a lavish bar mitzvah. This was much the same, including a sing-along led by everyone's favorite Brooklyn-born zayde, Neil Diamond. The food at the bar mitzvah was better.

A few observations:
  • Seeing Paul McCartney sing "I Saw Her Standing There" is the closest I'll probably ever get to having see him at Shea Stadium, which my babysitter went to. How did John Mayer not even acknowledge that he beat a Beatle in the Male Pop Vocal category?
  • Speaking of which, I would so much rather have seen just B.B. King and Albert King in the Bo Diddley tribute than Mayer and Keith Urban, whose additions were pointless.
  • I liked the Plant/Krauss record, but Radiohead probably should have won Album of the Year. It's actually amazing that they were nominated by the hidebound Academy, given that they clearly demonstrated that giving music away free can be a sound business strategy.
  • Radiohead's performance with the USC Marching Band was amazing. How euphoric must those kids have been?
  • How many moms-to-be will be waddling into A Pea in the Pod today asking for a black-and-white outfit just like M.I.A.'s? She can swagga with the boys anytime.
  • Carrie Underwood's blonde guitarist was Orianthi. You're welcome.
  • Jonas Brothers: Sorta cute. Forgettable. Stevie Wonder is a saint.
  • Katy Perry can't sing. She certainly can't dance, so what was the point of wearing flats? Heels would have been so much better. And while it's possible that she did kiss a girl, I think she was faking when she said she liked it. Newsflash for Craig Ferguson: She's not actually a lesbian.
  • I understand that the average CBS viewer is somewhere around 62. But there was a high level of geezerness in this broadcast. And as much as I adore Smokey Robinson and am always happy to hear a Four Tops song, Ne-Yo was the best part of that number.
  • Adele looked lovely. It turns out that Anna Wintour styled her.
Didn't see the commercials. Any good ones?

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