Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Gold Were My Oscars

I am catching up with posts from an insanely busy ten days, but thought I'd start with my annual Oscar party. The show? It was like its host Hugh Jackman: good-looking, hard-working and trying just a little too hard. Also, ombré must die.

The assembled multitudes here dressed up and had a great time, and as in the past, the menu was inspired by the nominees:

Champagne and Sparkling Wine
in honor of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

International Sparkling Waters
in honor of the Foreign Language Film nominees

Vegetable Samosas
in honor of Slumdog Millionaire

Cottage Cheese and Ketchup à la Milhous
in honor of Frost/Nixon

Tender Green Salad
in honor of Wall-E

Sourdough Bread and Creamery Butter
in honor of Milk

New Orleans Red Beans and Rice (vegan)
in honor of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Zuni Café Roast Chicken
in honor of Milk

New Jersey Potato Salad
in honor of The Wrestler

German Chocolate Cake mit Schlag
in honor of The Reader

Spiced Chai
in honor of Slumdog Millionaire

There were no real surprises, except for Anne Hathaway's delightful singing voice and Jessica Biel's wince-inducing dress:


  1. Love that you included the Zuni Cafe Roast Chicken. How do i get an invite for next year's bash?

  2. Plan to be in NYC at the end of February - the weather's always perfect then :-)