Friday, February 06, 2009

Bettie Can Haz Cramps

Lux Interior, creator along with his wife Poison Ivy of punk-psychobilly band The Cramps, has died.

I saw them play many times. They were loud and dark and funny and visual - Lux pale and gaunt, often stripped to the waist and occasionally wearing heels, Ivy stone-faced, in a cloud of red curls and a corselette. I loved their song "Human Fly" and have a clear physical memory of dancing to it at the Mudd Club. Now I'm crying 96 tears out of 96 eyes.

Only their music is in this video featuring Bettie Page and a playmate (and though there is no nudity it's definitely NSFW) - but appreciation for Bettie and retro bondage culture was a big part of who The Cramps were.

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