Thursday, January 01, 2009

What I Learned in 2008, Part 2

Monday, I listed seven things I learned last year. Here are a few more, and how I plan to apply them this year.
  1. I realized it was time to write a book, and why, and started working on it. This year, I'll finish it.
  2. Nothing's more important than family, except maybe friends. In 2009, I'll be more connected to both.
  3. New York is the most-visited city in the U.S. for a reason. I'll be taking more advantage of all it has to offer.
  4. Poetry captures moments. And moments are all we have. So I'll be reading - and writing - more of it. Follow me on Twitter for the quotidian, haiku version of same. They really will be quotidian to make up for what the observant have noticed is my less-frequent posting here (book-writing takes time).
  5. My love for words is consuming. I will write many thousands of them in 2009, and get paid to do it. Some of them, strung together, will even be worth reading.
Happy New Year!

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