Monday, January 12, 2009

How Red Was My Carpet

I will leave the commentary to the experts, but fashionwise there wasn't all that much to get excited about this year. Too bad, considering there was no last year.

However, a few things are clear:
  • As always, black is the new black.
  • Some men need better tailors. I'm talking to you, Simon Baker.
  • Some women do too. Ladies, if you are small-busted and wearing a strapless gown, the top really should look like it fits. Are you listening, Debra Messing?
  • Seth Rogen looks good with a haircut.
  • Tina Fey looks good with a statuette, though I like her better in glasses.
  • Now I understand why so many men and women have a crush on Megan Fox.
  • This will clearly be the month of Bruuuuuuuce!
  • I have lots of movies to catch up on over the next few weeks.
Some looks I liked, for different reasons:
January Jones of Mad Men in a dress with pockets! Easy posing, and no annoying clutch to worry about.

I never understand how Salma Hayek doesn't fall over. But she looks great.

Anne Hathaway: poster girl for sunblock.

I'd wear a dress like this, though in a less orangey red, and accessorized with a bodyguard who made sure no one stepped on my tail.

I didn't see In Bruges, and was surprised that Colin Farrell beat out Javier Bardem for the award. But he was all kinds of cute.

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