Friday, January 23, 2009

Coincidence? I Think Not

I have had many careers, mostly in media, and sometimes they all seem to show up at once.

Yesterday, I was doing some research on a potential new client, and stumbled across a name I hadn't seen in years.

Then, I went to a meeting at a magazine I used to write for, long before any of the current staff were there. They've changed owners twice since then, and moved their offices, but they've consistently done a great job of understanding their audience, even as its habits change. I didn't mention my previous association with them, as I suspected that most were so young that their awareness of previous regimes was limited - and besides, it would have made me look old, which I don't tend to think of as a good thing.

On the subway going home, I was reading Ad Age and realized how many of the people on their "Agency A-List" I knew or had worked with.

I've always sought out the new, and enjoyed the many twists and turns on my path. But I often wonder what would have happened if I'd just focused on one thing, as most people seem to do.

I'd probably be wondering what would have happened if I'd done a lot of things, that's what.

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