Friday, August 15, 2008

The Yves of Destruction

An update to Wednesday's post: It turns out that the Royal Monceau's demolition kicked off with an extravagant party in June for more than 1200 haut monde fashionistas, during which they were invited to take the sledgehammers into their own well-manicured hands prior to its redesign by Philippe Starck, scheduled to reopen in fall 2009.

This story gives some of the details and quotes someone who describes the event - attended by many of Paris's best-dressed, including a gaggle of women in 18th-century costumes - as "bourgeois punkitude." (Though I'd argue that in some ways punk always was bourgie, and the reverse, as Marie Antoinette showed.)

Here's an invitation to the well-dressed nihilism featuring the hotel itself, from a video series promoting the event directed by Olivier Bennoun:

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  1. Brilliant!

    And while our stay there for the millennium was divine, whatever Monsieur Starck has in mind we’ll like it even better. Shall we book some rooms?