Friday, August 29, 2008

Things To Do In Denver When You're Running For President

I've written before about Barack Obama and how profoundly excited and moved I've been by his campaign. Now he's officially the Democratic candidate for president and if how he and his team handled the convention is any indication of how they'll run the country, January 2009 can't come a moment too soon.

Obama's speech last might capped a week of generally strong oratory (I didn't see all of them) with a dazzling display of intelligence, compassion, forthrightness and specific policy points. You can see it or read it for yourself in a nifty New York Times feature that puts video, text transcript and bullet points next to each other so you can read or watch only what you want to, as 42 minutes is a lot to view at one time.

I got an email from Barack an hour or so after the fireworks and the confetti (how did he have the time?), telling me that "I felt your passion here tonight."

Then, he asked me for money (a request I've generally heard after statements about passion from far more feckless charming men). Which I gave, as I have many times since I first decided to support him.

You can too, and get involved in many other ways, at It is by far the best campaign website ever created. And, fashion note: the shirts are attractive and fit well.

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