Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mad About The Men

I have adored Mad Men since it first went on the air. I could enthuse about many aspects of it, and at some point I will, including the incredible production design; the hair, makeup and costumes; the acting (and the casting); and the storylines. It doesn't hurt that my earliest memories are of the show's time and place, which is in some way my template of what the world should look like.

But one of the show's most appealing aspects is its insight into on-the-job creativity, and I believe that part of lead character Don Draper's frustration this season is his less direct involvement in the creative process, a pitfall of seniority.

This season, his interaction with his staff is all barked commands and tossed-off comments. Last season, he presented what has to be the best slideshow in television history:

Of course, I may just be projecting here (pun intended, alas).

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  1. I'm crying at 6:29 a.m. Pacific Time! Mad about this show, too. Amazing clip. Nostalgia, for sure.