Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Becomes A Legend Most?

Monday night I ventured out to farthest Brooklyn to see John Legend at Wingate Field, part of the excellent and free MLK series presented for three decades by the inimitable Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz.

Legend put on a strong, energetic show for the 16,000 attendees that demonstrated his range, from big numbers with the other 11 people on stage (including horn section and three backup singers) to my favorite, just him at the piano singing "Ordinary People," one of the best relationship songs of the past decade.

(Fashion notes: Legend and I were basically wearing the same outfit - black tank top and white pants. And one of his backup singers was wearing enormous, shoulder-dusting earrings that looked like stirrups.)

I so love that I live in a city that puts on free shows like this, and Bon Jovi, and the Philharmonic, and the Metropolitan Opera, and Central Park's Summerstage.

I love even more that Legend donated his performance fee to his own Show Me Foundation, which helps kids in Ghana, and to Camp Brooklyn, which sends Brooklyn kids to sleepaway camp.

Coming soon to Wingate: Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. I saw plenty of candidates at the show for Scott’s new line of bras for "full-figured gals."

Post title from those fabulous Blackglama ads. Here's Brooklyn's own Lena Horne in one:

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