Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some Say Fire and Some Say Ice

Dorian Leigh, the pale-skinned, dark-haired face of Revlon in the 1950s who was on 50 Vogue covers, has died at 91.

At 5 feet 5 inches, she was petite for a model and irresistible to men, with, said the Times obituary, "an hourglass figure and an alluring smile." She was married five times, and had countless affairs.

“She had so much estrogen, like some men are full of testosterone,” the obit quoted Carmen Dell’Orefice, the magnificent model who began her career at around the same time (and, at 76, is still on catwalks) as saying.

Leigh grew up in Queens and had two younger sisters (including the even more famous model Suzy Parker). Before she started modeling at the advanced age of 27 (she told Diana Vreeland at Harper's Bazaar that she was 19), she was an English major and a copywriter. Vreeland told her never to pluck her thick eyebrows.

There are enough commonalities that I'm way overidentifying here, which may be why I gasped when I saw this all in the paper. But I so clearly remember seeing a photo of her when I was in my late teens and finding my own style, and deciding that I could, and should, look like that. And, to the extent that I can, I still do.

I was unable to track down one of her "Fire and Ice" ads (the lipstick, which I wore exclusively for years and may have to try again, is a lovely blue-red), so this, found at Divas - The Site, will have to do. Post title from Robert Frost. I hold with those who favor fire, too.

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