Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Puerto Rico, You Lovely Island

I am leaving tomorrow at the crack of dawn for a few days at a villa in Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico. Sounds très jet set, non?

This will be my second recent trip to the Caribbean. The first was an extraordinary birthday week in December spent at the incredible La Samanna in St. Martin. Every detail was perfect, especially the company. (See photo below for a Caribbean moment.)

Twenty years ago, I was dating a surgeon with a striking resemblance to Al Pacino in Sea of Love who took me to all his favorite places for deep-sea fishing: Key West, Bermuda, The Bahamas. And St. Martin. I covered up as much as I could and wore the strongest sunblock available at the time, but the tropical sun on the ocean was merciless and I got sun poisoning. Good thing he had topical antibiotics handy.

For the birthday I spent with him, he opened the coat closet at his Westchester house and said, "Here, try this on." It was a full-length black mink coat. To show my appreciation, I stepped out of the room, took off everything except the pearl earrings he'd previously given me (the diamonds came later), put the coat on, and came back. We made love on the hallway floor.

I'd known him for three weeks.

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