Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Uses of Contentment

So here I am in Amagansett, posting from my friends' house's ancient (in geek terms, that's 2002) iBook. The grass is green and lush, delighting my dog; the azaleas are in bloom; and I woke up to the offer of freshly brewed French roast and an egg sandwich from the friendly market down the way. I was also provided with the Times, allowing me a more leisurely read than my usual quick online scan before my morning post, followed by a quarter-folded perusal on the subway.

Said dog and I will soon run to the beach; others are off to play tennis; and I had a delightful dream in which I solved mysterious problems with élan. And there is a copy of Roz Chast's hilarious The Party After You Left on the coffee table.

The dog is sleeping at my feet right now, and I feel happy and very, very loved.

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