Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Iron and Whine

I am generally a girly girl, but I have my t-shirted, beer-swilling, heavy-metal-loving side. Both sides adored Iron Man, one of the better superhero movies ever. Witty, surprisingly emotional and anchored by many fine performances, especially Robert Downey, Jr.'s, it also has an underlying antiwar message that I found intriguing.

Music plays an important part in the movie, including the accidental destruction of a Bluthner piano, which horrified me more than the subsequent pulverizing of a mint-condition Lotus (and, in a production that features blatant product placement throughout, made me wonder, why not Fazioli or Bosendorfer?). The song choices by music supervisor Dave Jordan, also responsible for Transformers and The Fast and the Furious, were excellent, especially Suicidal Tendencies' hardcore plaint "Institutionalized," used perfectly.

But I must say that, at least on first listen, I otherwise thought the score by Ramin Djawadi was a weak point. It had some strong moments, but there were many sequences where it was perceptibly tedious and a drag on the film.

Wired's Listening Post blog has an excellent rundown of various kinds of Iron Man music, past and present. I appreciated the reminder of the Ted Hughes connection - his book The Iron Man became the touching animated film The Iron Giant.

Double bill, anyone?

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