Friday, May 30, 2008

Here Come The Weekend

I will be joining many other Manhattanites in the trek to the Hamptons, specifically to Amagansett, where friends are kind enough to let me stay in their lovely summer home near the beach. The house has a pool, many trees and the waffle iron I brought out last summer (I have an "overnight waffle" recipe that I make frequently on Sundays there, which I'm convinced has magical powers that ensure my visiting privileges).

The phenomenon of the summer house is not unique to New York, but because of the density here, an escape to what we consider the countryside and what most others would call suburbs represents an opportunity to breathe. My family for years had a house in the Berkshires, and although the three-hour drive on Fridays was never fun, it was a soothing prelude to enforced idleness.

I like to take long walks and runs on the Island (no parties for me), and now I will have a companion. As of this year there will also be an Internet connection, which is a mixed blessing on the idleness front.

But it does mean that I can post from there. And I am looking forward to stopping in at Lunch for my first lobster roll of the year.

Meanwhile, I have a lot to celebrate - the news I was waiting for yesterday was good.

This is not the house, but it's nearby:

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