Thursday, April 10, 2008

Five Favorites: Otherwordly TV

I watch very little TV, but occasionally there'll be a show I'm passionate about. Because I'm a science fiction geek, they're usually in that genre. Here are five all-time favorites, in alphabetical order:

Heroes - It won't be back until September 2008, because of the writers' strike. And though NBC is doing a good job with non-TV amusements (it's probably the best website of any TV show that doesn't have Jon Stewart in it), when I want to go mindless I don't want to make any choices at all.

Mr. Wizard - How I learned to love science. Thank you, Don Herbert.

Star Trek - The original and still the best, though The Next Generation was also great. For you youngsters who don't remember the Internet before there was a WWW: it was mostly populated by Star Trek obsessives.

The Twilight Zone - Indelible storytelling, incredible casts. A wakeup call for your brain.

Twin Peaks - I got completely caught up in this bizarre, poetic world. With the magnificent Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey.

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