Monday, April 07, 2008

Backwards in High Heels: Dita von Teese

I somehow could never bring myself to be a Dita von Teese fan. Though we have a glancing acquaintance, the retro pinup thing seemed sort of obvious, I never approved of her current ex-husband Marilyn Manson, and rumor is that she's not a natural brunette.

But an interview in last week's New York Times Magazine has changed my mind. She collects vintage hats! She puts her shoes on the table so she can look at them! She does Pilates! And her answer to "Obsolete item she can't bear to part with"?: "Everything I have is obsolete. That's the point."

So we have a lot in common - in many ways, she's carrying the torch for everyone who believes that fashionable glamour and sexiness can co-exist. Frankly, though, the clips of her act I've seen, though it's clever and well done, are not all that sexy, and she sounds disappointingly ordinary in this PETA ad.

Still, her self-creation as an iconic presence is impressive. And the recent news that she was featured in a film by "erotic artist" Andrew Blake (link most definitely NSFW), he of the fetish-y costumes and props, excellent styling (except for the press-on nails; those have to go) and mostly female casts, tells me she's not afraid to experiment, an essential characteristic. (Though she's a poser more than a player, from what I've seen in the trailer.)

Dita's designing a line for Wonderbra (she already "designs" retro stockings). If it looks anything like the photo below, sign me up.

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