Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mirror, Mirror

Scene: A Manhattan hair salon with many large mirrors.

Character: A boy of about 9, wearing track pants and a jersey and carrying a football; he has apparently just had his hair cut, and is waiting for his dad, who is now doing the same.

Action: He approaches the mirror across from the bench where he's sitting and inspects his hair, freshly shorn into a modern buzz cut with a peak at the front and finished with a product that makes it stand up a bt. With utmost seriousness, he inspects himself from the left and the right for quite some time, then touches the peak. This is clearly the coolest haircut he's ever gotten. Satisfied, he sits back down and starts tossing the football from hand to hand, glancing back at the mirror every so often.

Lesson: Vanity knows no age or gender boundaries, but is more endearing in some than in others.

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