Tuesday, March 18, 2008

De Gustibus Disputamus

I continue to have a problem with the Times' "The Moment" blog, which on the one hand castigates Tara Subkoff unamusingly for the look below, and in another unfocused post (which with a modicum of editing would have made Veronica Webb seem as intelligent as they say she is), praises the shoes Tara appears to be wearing.

There's a difference between fashion and style - the former is only useful insofar as it serves the latter. The "T" magazines do a good job of that, and I wish they'd figure out how to carry it through to what they do online.

Government statistics show that there are 13,140 editors in the NY metro area, more than in the rest of the top ten cities combined. Maybe the Times should hire a few more of them.

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