Saturday, February 23, 2008

There Will Be Party

Feverish preparations are now underway for Glamourbrain & Friends' annual Oscar party. Here's the menu:
The “Corporate Ambition” cocktail
(Prosecco and St. Germain elderflower liqueur)
in honor of Michael Clayton

Tidbits fried in oil
in honor of There Will Be Blood

Blood-red beet hummus
in honor of Sweeney Todd

Texas turkey chili
in honor of No Country For Old Men

“Lambs to the Slaughter”
in honor of all the Best Picture nominees

Green salad with oil-based dressing
in honor of There Will Be Blood

English trifle
in honor of Atonement

“Sunny-D” and bitter chocolate sorbets
in honor of Juno

This menu was not written until after the WGA strike was settled, in honor of writers everywhere.

Previous musings on the Best Picture nominees are here. The official Oscar ballot is here. Play along, won't you? There'll be prizes for most correct, least correct and surprise categories.

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