Monday, February 11, 2008

Their Grammy Moment

As Herbie Hancock said when he accepted his well-deserved Album of the Year Grammy for River: The Joni Letters', "It's a beautiful day in LA!"
A few other notes from last night's awards show:
  • Was Alicia Keys wearing gloves during her duet with Frank Sinatra? How does that girl play? And wasn't she trying a little too hard compared with the effortless swing of the Chairman of the Board?
  • Speaking of shoes, the only memorable ad (and it wasn't new), was Target's for Converse One Star.
  • Poor Feist. Not only shut out, but frizzy too.
  • Hilly Kristal in the memorial tribute!
  • Morris Day's mustache = perfection.
  • BeyoncĂ©'s new hairstyle = fabulous.
  • Rihanna's dancers' costumes = fugly.
  • The "OBAMA" shaved into Kanye's head = priceless. (Update: That was "MAMA".)
  • I love Amy Winehouse's music, but she sounded shaky and flat.
  • Amy, and all of us, could take dancing-in-high-heels lessons from the magnificent Tina Turner. She's 68. Herbie is 67. (Her version of "Edith and the Kingpin" on River is remarkable in its subtlety.) Aretha is 65. Respect your elders.

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