Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Suckers

Glamourbrain's Super Bowl review:

The game was spectacular, especially for a Giants fan with a taste for the kind of narrative that makes sports soap opera for guys. Could the little brother outstrip his older, better-looking sibling's accomplishments? Would the gruff coach finally crack an enormous smile? Is dating a supermodel really the key to lasting happiness? (In case you were one of the 27 people not watching, the answers are yes, yes and no.)

The ads were not as spectacular. Animated babies are so 1996. Godfather spoofs are so 2007.

And despite the odious addition of a red carpet (was John Travolta wearing a "balding" hairpiece, by the way?), there was precious little glamour. The bad lighting in Tom Brady's interview was the anti-handsome. Brief shots of Gisele and Pam Anderson were hair commercials gone wrong. And speaking of which, Sunsilk, licensing the rights to Madonna, Shakira and Marilyn clips tells me nothing about your products except that your marketing department has too much money.

Did anyone actually recognize Naomi Campbell among the dancing lizards? (The print version of Ad Age didn't - should she throw a phone at Bob Garfield?) And is she not the dorkiest dancer since Elaine in Seinfeld?

I'm also curious how Alicia Keys actually pedaled her Yamaha in those spiky platform shoes. Maybe my piano teacher was wrong when she insisted I had to wear flats.

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